Best Way to Add Large Video +30MB on Webflow Page - It Loads Instant!

Webflow in most cases is independent tool and you can do almost everything inside. But if you want to add a video which size is more than +30MB then you have to find another solution. Today I provide you the best solution for putting videos on your homepage even if size is +300MB - yup, three hundreds of megabytes. Scroll down and look how easy it can be.

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Before we begin, there are 2 things we have to explain which will be used in our example.

  1. CDN - Cloud Delivery Network
  2. Auto Video - Automatically play and pause videos based on if they are in the viewport

As a CDN for our use case we will use Google Cloud. We also can use Azure (Microsoft Cloud) or AWS (Amazon Web Services) or any other CDN out there.

Why CDN?

We live in a world where internet is everywhere. Everyone of us want to load page instantly - when we click we want to see the page right now. When it comes to videos - their size can be higher than images. CDN is a place where you put your file (video) and its loaded fast because of the cloud network behind it.

Auto Video Plugin

The plugin is made by Finsweet and its great because it just works as it should be. You can check their documentation here which is very simple - only 1 step:

Copy the Auto Video <script> and paste into the <head> of your page

<!-- [Attributes by Finsweet] Auto Video -->
<script defer src=""></script>

Description of this plugin:
All videos on the page (Background Video components & <video> elements used in HTML Embeds) play and pause based on if the video is visible in the viewport.

Okey, let's focus now on our video example. First prepare your video you want to display on your page. Go to your CDN bucket and upload the file.

Remember to set proper Location (based on your users localization) and Public access
Upload video file and Copy URL

Once we uploaded and copied URL of a video we can go to Webflow page.

We need to add HTML Embed Code block.

And this is it! It's done. Now you should see even large videos to load instantly when you visit a page.

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